Date: Thursday 25th & Friday 26th October 2018

The European Sport Ecosystem
Sports Tech Transfer and R&D Summit

Location: Ghent, Belgium

About the Event

Sports Tech Transfer and R&D Summit aims to promote knowledge exchange between governing bodies, public authorities, academia and industry, to strengthen the cooperation and transfer of innovations from research labs into industrial exploitation in the field of sports. It will encourage commercialization of innovative technologies developed at public and private research organizations and promote cooperation between research organizations and development groups in the sports sector. It will also explore how entrepreneurship possibilities and good practices in research organizations combined with European, national and regional administrations initiatives/ funding streams can boost the economy as well as the impact these innovations have on sporting performance and operations.

The conference will feature cutting-edge presentations, contributions and attendees from sports research institutions, public authorities, venture capitalists, industry, inventors, solution providers, regulators, advisors and sporting organizations.

The main conference goals are:

  • Understanding the political landscape for the sport sector and asses how it can facilitate technology transfer
  • Boost innovation ideas supported by public private financial partnerships
  • Facilitating cooperation and transfer of knowledge between universities, businesses and sports organizations
  • Defining strategies for the development of evidence-based sports technologies
  • Stimulating cross-industry / cross regional sport innovation
  • Improving networks among academic researchers, R&D managers, civil servants and sports scientific staff members in teams

Alberto Bichi
Federico Eichberg
Assoc. Prof Martin Carlsson-Wall
Iris Cordoba Mondejar